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'Nothing is stable under the stars'.jpg

     Nothing is stable under the Stars

Welcome to my website......

I have a daily practice in my small garden studio.   Using acrylic paints on paper or board, I follow a purely intuitive process, keeping everything as loose as possible, taking risks, often destroying the figurative elements, putting on, editing out, until I come to a reflective stage, which I call my 'philosophical meanderings' a dialogue with possibilities and understandings of where the painting is heading.

This process lends itself to why I paint, which in part is my interest in, and love of, colour. Explorations of how colours work, creating light effects, emotions and feelings, will keep me forever busy. As the years pass by I have quietened my angst and indignations, now finding a new joy in the proximity to nature, where I reside, with an overwhelming awe and respect for the energy and resilience of the earth.

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