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Did you know the River Wye is approaching the point of no return due to high levels of damaging phosphates, which effectively suffocates the river ecosystem that relies on it? Further continued pollution incidents will shortly see the death of one of Europe’s most iconic rivers.

From 11th August - 18th September 2022 Canwood Gallery is hosting its Save the Wye exhibition where my art, along with other fantastic pieces, will be on sale, with a percentage of all proceeds donated to @RiverActionUK

Please head to @canwoodgallery to show your support. Entry is FREE


Open Thursday to Sunday 11am to 4pm

Canwood Gallery, Checkley, Herefordshire HR1 4NF

We have less than two years to save the River Wye from the effects of pollution.

Canwood Gallery has asked the incredible creatives from Wales, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire to celebrate and highlight the River Wye’s plight and give personal insights into what the river means to them, individuals who love it.

All artwork from the exhibition is for sale in support of River Action UK to help the raise the profile of the urgent action needed to immediately implement plans to save the River Wye.

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